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Red Beans and Rice

June 10, 2018 My plan was to grill some chicken thighs using an updated method and recipe. But we got a weekend of Rose Festival Rain. I have friends who are avid grillers and rain won’t slow them down. Me, … Continue reading

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Red Beans and Rice

January 1, 2016 Eating beans and rice on New Year’s Day is said to bring good luck. My buddy Dudley always cooks up some black-eyed peas on New Years. I don’t know about the luck, but cooking up a pot … Continue reading

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2015 Rose Bowl – Red Beans and Rice with Friends

The University of Oregon Ducks were ranked the number two college team in the nation at the end of the regular season. As one of the top four teams they participated in the national championship series. On New Year’s Day they … Continue reading

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Pressure Cooker Red Beans and Rice

Sunday January 6, 2013 Take away: Make your own stock. It is far and away better than canned. Today I made red beans and rice which is one of our favorite meals. It’s traditionally prepared on New Year’s day but we were … Continue reading

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Black Beans in Pressure Cooker

I’ve cooked black beans and rice a couple of times using an America’s Test Kitchen [this used to be free – now maybe not.] recipe: in January 2017 and originally in May 2013. In that dish the rice takes a … Continue reading

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Refried Beans – Tostadas

January 22, 2017 Previously I’ve pointed out a big difference between this blog and professional cooking blogs – the professionals cook the big holiday meals weeks ahead of time allowing them to post the perfect turkey recipe before Thanksgiving when … Continue reading

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Black Beans and Rice

January 15, 2017 I made this dish back in May 2013 and loved it. With a gap of over 3 years it was high time to make it again. I originally found this recipe on the Cook’s Illustrated pay site … Continue reading

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Route 66 Day 10 – Morning at the Grand Canyon

May 3, 2015 When we arrived at the Grand Canyon the afternoon of the day before I, of course, grabbed some pictures. With the afternoon light it was difficult to show the depth of the curves and sub canyons; it … Continue reading

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Colorado Green Chili, Beans and Rice

I’ve been working my way through a number of pork chili recipes, both green and red. I ran across a recipe in Cook’s Country that looked interesting. It has a can of diced tomatoes in it so I figured it … Continue reading

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Enchiladas, Beans and Rice

I’ve been trying to eat less red meat, a lot of my Fall and Winter recipes are stews, chili, and what-not. When Carla and I were talking yesterday we thought some Mexican food might be nice. We had a pretty … Continue reading

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