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Ridgefield Winter Trains and Birds

NOTE December 15, 2017. This week I updated my Adobe Lightroom (Classic) to get the latest updates. Word on the internet is that the updated Auto Tone function in the Basic panel has improved; it now adjusts clarity, vibrance, and … Continue reading

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Trains and Birds at Ridgefield Bird Sancutary

May 20, 2017 It’s been too long since I went out with my camera to capture some photos of the world. If you own a camera but don’t go out to take pictures then you aren’t a photographer, you’re just … Continue reading

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Trains at Ridgefield, Washington

April 11, 2015 Carla was at the coast with her bunco friends for the weekend so I was looking for something to keep me out of trouble. I quickly settled on a quick trip north of Vancouver, Washington on the … Continue reading

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Trains at Ridgefield

This is one of the days I’ve imagined when I retired. I had coffee and breakfast with Carla then as she headed to work I drove about an hour north of Portland to the Ridgefield Bird Sanctuary 14 miles north … Continue reading

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Ridgefield and Cathlamet

The second weekend of March brings the the Cathlamet crab and oyster feed as we did last year.  We left at 10:30 and did a bit of hiking at the Carty Unit of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge The Carty … Continue reading

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Trains at the Ridgefield Bird Sanctuary

The fall colors were showing, I got a bargain on a Sony SLT-A65 camera, and there was a break in the rain so I headed 14 miles north of Portland to the Ridgefield bird sanctuary.  But I didn’t make it into … Continue reading

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Birding at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Sunday April 22, 2012 was a beautiful day in the Northwest. We went with our birder friends (or birder friend and his wife) up to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge where you can drive around a big loop and see tons … Continue reading

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Still more camera testing / trains

Photos Taken: July 21, 2018 Yes, I’m still working on my exposure settings for moving trains. Earlier this summer I posted my results from previous settings and talked about my plan to improve my photography. My last post on the … Continue reading

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Camera/Lens Testing Update

Pictures Taken: July 10, 2018 If you read through my previous blog post on camera and lens testing you are a hardy soul – that was not a short post – this follow up is for you. If you got … Continue reading

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New Lens Testing

Photos taken: July 6&7, 2018 I retired – again – a few weeks ago. I joked with my friends that I’ve gone back and forth between working and retirement  so often in the past four years I should just start … Continue reading

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