The Beginning
Back in February 2003 the four of us (Howard, Carla, Rick, and A.H.) went out to breakfast at the Wildwood Cafe in McMinville, OR. It got to be a somewhat regular “thing” that became our thing.

What We Do
We try to go out to breakfast every Saturday morning. The rules are simple and breakable. We try to pick non-chain places and pick a different spot each time. We go back and forth picking; whoever picks, drives. We kind of keep our lists secret from each other. We’ve eaten at fancy and we’ve eaten at dives. The more funky and hole-in-the-wall, the better we like it (within limits!).

Who We Are
We are 2 empty-nester couples from Beaverton, OR (a suburb of Portland). We met at church years ago and our kids went to the same high school (four of our five kids were/are band-kids where we were involved as band-parents). Our kids are now in college, graduate school or graduated.

We found that hanging together on Saturday mornings is a great way to keep connected and a good way to start the weekend.

Purpose of the Blog

We’ve been doing this semi-regularly for 3 years now. We thought it would be fun to share our Saturday breakfast experiences with whoever is interested. We especially hope to get some responses and ideas for new places to try.

As we go out, we’ll let you know where we went, what we had, and what we thought of it. There are four of us and we may each publish our own opinions.

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