Comparing Flash Modifiers

Many years ago on a trip to Washington DC with our kids and my mom we walked by a vendor selling picture postcards. He called out over and over “Eight postcards for a dollar – ALL DIFFERENT!” It was one of those moments we all remember and often paraphrase that line today; for example, at a buffet “Eight side dishes – ALL DIFFERENT!”. Well this project required 120 pictures – ALL THE SAME. That’s right I took 120 pictures of exactly the same scene in order to find the best light modifier for my cooking pictures.

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Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout

Title Oh William! Author Elizabeth Strout Copyright 2021 Type Fiction Purchase/View Amazon Finished Reading December 10, 2021 Rating ★★★★ This is Elizabeth Strout’s third book centered on Lucy Barton. First was a book of short stories: My Name is Lucy Barton (2016), followed by Anything is Possible (2017), and now Oh, William (2021). In this… Continue reading Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout