Sony A6600 with 90mm Macro Lens

Back in 2016 when I bought my first Sony E-mount camera (full frame Sony A7R2) I purchased a Sony 90mm Macro G lens and a Sony 24-240 all purpose lens. The 90mm macro lens is great for close up shots, I’ve taken a few – like these pictures of our garden – but my photography never trended that direction. I considered selling it; but it’s such a nice lens I hate to give it up. So, I tried putting this full frame llens on my APS-C Sony A6600 to see how it would fare. I wandered around the house and outside to give it a go. I am very pleased with the results.

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Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny

Like her novel Early Morning Riser, this book centers on a relationship between a man, his ex wife and his new wife (or girlfriend). This novel is told from the man’s perspective – Graham. In addition, each story has a vulnerable person. In Early Morning Riser, it is Duncan’s employee who is mentally challenged. In Standard Deviation, it is their son Matthew, who has Asperger’s syndrome. The title comes partially from an interview with a psychologist who tells Graham and Audra that some of Matthew’s social interactions are a standard deviation from normal.

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Road Trip to Glacier Days 8-9: Spokane Washington

Visit Date: July 15, 2021 CORRECTION: 9/9/21. The bird in the last picture is an Osprey; not a hawk. Big thanks and shout out to reader and high school friend Frances. For our adjusted return trip we headed to Spokane, Washington from Whitefish, Montana. We wanted to stay downtown rather than just a freeway motel… Continue reading Road Trip to Glacier Days 8-9: Spokane Washington