[A.H.] My ratings will probably be the most conservative as I feel going out for a meal should be better than average to start. I will rarely give a 5-star rating as this leaves no room for improvement and anything below 2-1/2 stars I would not recommend or go back. Some in the group may say I am too critical; I tend to believe that my standards are high and I have a discriminating palate! That said…. Beaterville is my type of Mom & Pop Saturday morning breakfast place. No fancy-schmancy stereotype chain type furniture or atmosphere here. Waiter / busboy mentioned he had tried everything on the menu and could help us if we needed. No 4 ounce tea cup size coffee cups here! Mugs were kept full. No frilly garnish to wade through to get to the meat and potatoes either! I had a bacon & cheese omelet ala carte; (trying to watch my caloric intake). Omelet was a little flat, I prefer the fluffy whipped up eggs for my omelet, otherwise all ya got is an egg pancake. That said it was still pretty good. Overall a comfortable place with no pretense of formality and a decent, basic breakfast place. A bit eclectic inside, but that just ads to the ‘charm’. We’ve been to quite a few places in the past 3 years so I give it 3+ stars on the 1 to 5 scale. Worth a try or second visit, but still have a long list of places to try.

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