Madison Grill – March 18, 2006

No picture this week ’cause I forgot the camera. DANG! We went to the Madison Grill on the southeast side of town: 1109 SE Madison; just north of Hawthorne where it turns from a one way to a two way street.

Breakfast was pretty good but not great. I had a crab cake benedict. The poached eggs were PERFECT; when I cut into them the yolk was runny but not watery; the whites were perfect little clouds. The crab cakes were another matter – I’m thinking they used canned crab meat. I tasted those crab cakes all day long (urp!).

If we could take these poached eggs and pair them with the crab from Sammy’s a few weeks ago we’d have a little slice of heaven! (At Sammy’s the eggs were served on top of big hunks of fresh crab.) The Madison Grill hash browns were nice, but not as crisp as I like them. This is a personal preference so I can’t really bust them for that.

The coffee was good and the service was very good; they open at 9:00 and we were the 2nd party in; they were obviously still setting up when we got in, but they still handled us well and got us what we needed.

Carlita had the corned beef hash; the bite I had was very good.

We went to Madisons with A.H. and Rick a couple of years ago in the summer after we walked the esplanade; during that visit we saw Bob Packwood. So, now we’ve seen one Democrat and one Republican.

I think it was that walk that convinced A.H. he had to go in for his back surgery. Since then he walked in a marathon so that is impressive.

All in all, I’d give it 3 stars – would be 4 if the crab cakes hadn’t repeated on me all day.

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