Black Bear Diner

[Rick] As we were waiting for our breakfast, I mentioned that the place reminded me of the kind of diner at which one would stop while on the way to the Redwoods in California. I’ve never been to the Redwoods, but that’s what I could imagine it to be. It turns out that I wasn’t too far off. According to the information on the placemat, the original diner of the current chain is located in the Mt Shasta area. Since this restaurant is part of a chain, it lacks the quirkiness of some of the places we’ve been; but it was still a great place to eat. The staff was very attentive and friendly. The decor was very comfortable and relaxing. Our menu was printed on a 1957 “newspaper” for the Beaverton area, which was interesting to read.

I ordered the California Scramble, which was eggs scrambled with avacados, spinach, onions, and I think mushrooms. I don’t remember any meat in it, but I didn’t miss it either. I had the roasted red potatoes, which were good, and the biscuit was huge.

The place earned a 4-star rating from me, and I plan to go back. They offer a 7-grain pancake that I’d like to try. I’m wondering if they are as good as mine. Probably better.

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