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This page will hold links and other references for materials I’ve found useful.

The toughest thing I’ve found so far is that most of the resources assume you’ll be driving from east to west. This is natural, I guess, since it is the path most people travelled in the early days of the Mother Road. Nevertheless, it takes a little work to work out the directions in reverse!

But, I’m not altruistic; I’m hoping y’all will send me comments with other sites and resources. I’ll try to post the best here.

Web Sites

When I first started planning this trip down Route 66 from Santa Monica to Gallup, New Mexico I searched the web.

  • More than likely, if you’ve found this blog via a search for information on the Mother Road, you’ve already found The Mother Road: Historic Route 66 I find it to be the best site out there. In addition to the turn-by-turn instructions, I like the forums where people share ideas, plans, and experiences.

Maps and Books

The first three links are books and maps that I’ve purchased.

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