Start it up (Again)


We’ve been going to breakfast; we just haven’t been blogging. I’m going to try to keep this up again and see how it goes.

One change is, that I don’t think people can track us very well from our aliases, so we (at least Carla and I) are going to go by our real names.

I (Howard) originally started posting as “Bake” – from my mother’s side of the family (Baker). Carla went as “Carlita”.
So, Bake ==> Howard
Carlita ==> Carla

We’ll let Rick and A.H. decide how they want to be identified. I know who they are 🙂

Preview of this week

It’s my turn to pick this week and I’m starting to feel like the cupboard is getting bare. But I’ve felt like that before and we haven’t run out of places yet.

I’ve been considering “The Roxy” on Stark, but it sounds like the wait staff are brutal. It reminds me of a place (forget the name) we went a while back that had a sandwich advertising board outside that said “You eat here because we let you”. I just don’t need that; wait staff aren’t slaves, but if we are going out for a nice time, I just don’t want to have to cut through a fog of bad attitude to get there.

Anyway, I think I found a place for Saturday; if I keep my energy up, I’ll post an entry!

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