Overlook Restaurant

The Overlook is the workhorse of breakfast places. There’s nothing trendy about it; but it is no greasy spoon either. It’s a good place to go when you want eggs, your favorite breakfast meat, shredded hash browns and toast or pancakes, waffles, etc. I had eggs and German sausage and it was fine. The eggs were the way I ordered them. The sausage was sliced and grilled and tasty.

The restaurant was clean and the wait staff was friendly. They had several big screen TVs up and running the news on Saturday, which distracted me a little bit; but if you’re just in there for a quick bite, you might enjoy it.

They have a lunch and dinner menu, as well, and their dessert case was the first thing I noticed when we came in the door. The last thing I noticed on our way out the door was a GIANT cinnamon roll in the case. It was reminiscent of the rolls that the old Rose’s used to offer in NW Portland. The Overlook also offers Cinnamon French Toast, and I was thinking that maybe I should have ordered that.

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