Hello, my name is Howard and I’m a train fan.
I live in Beaverton, OR; but grew up in Palmdale, California (Southern Pacific went right through town) and I’d go to La Posada in Winslow, Arizona to watch the Santa Fe railroad in action.
Every few months I go out and take train pictures. I’ve tried to post them to train picture sites, but never get them accepted. So, I figured, what the heck, I’ll make my own blog and post my own pictures!
Other blogs I maintain are
    • 4forbreakfast dot blogspot dot com: A blog of 4 empty nesters who go around eating breakfast in the Portland area [Edit May 26, 2018. This blog has been deregistered. I’m bummed I’ve lost track of this content. Find stories like it on my blog


  • 2for66 blogspot com: A blog of my trip with my wife along Route 66 from Santa Monica to Gallup, New Mexico [Edit May 26, 2018. The blog has moved to my own domain It has stories about travel, eating, cooking, reading, photography, and more.


Earlier this month my wife and I went to Tucson, Arizona to visit our son who is a middle school band director. The occasion was his first ever band concert as a director. While he was working one day, I went out and grabbed some pictures of the Union Pacific. Here is one picture


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