Bathroom Renovation 2010 – Cabinets Are In

The cabinets were installed today; they look great. Ignore the flash; my nephew Christopher would be chanting “available light, available light” Douglas called and asked where the pulls were. Oops; we got so focused on picking sinks we completely forgot to get pulls! I laughed and told him “Um, they are still at the store!”… Continue reading Bathroom Renovation 2010 – Cabinets Are In

Bathroom Remodel – Early stages

Our master bathroom remodel is getting underway. As remodels go it isn’t very extensive. We are getting new cabinets, countertops, and sinks. The shower and bathtub are fine so aren’t getting tossed. The cabinets were definitely showing their age. The new cabinets will be about 3″ higher. Here are some pictures of “before” With that… Continue reading Bathroom Remodel – Early stages