35th Anniversary

We were all set to go on our neighborhood walk, but at the last moment thought we’d try something different. We looked at our 50 walks in Portland book and found one that starts in Lake Oswego and goes down to the Williamette river. We walked along the river until the pathway was blocked by the high water of the river.

The river was high; but not as high as it has been. We saw lots of flotsam and jetsam even farther up fro the pathway. We got by on the right and went a little further until we realized we had missed our cut off back up some stairs to Lake Oswego.
Later the walk took us down to another view of the river.

After our walk we went home to clean up and then headed to Jeff’s place. On the way through downtown we caught a train going by! What a great day.

A picture of Jeff’s place

Jeff took us out to lunch at Pok Pok’s then Carla and I headed to a movie: Cave of Dreams, about a cave in France that has drawing from 30,000 years ago. Funny, we both kind of nodded off during parts. Not a great movie. 

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I'm a person who likes to travel, read, cook, and eat
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