Timbers Game Redux

As some of you know I made a vow when they kicked the Beavers baseball team out of the stadium so it could be revamped for soccer I vowed to  never go to a soccer game there. Well that lasted a little more than a year. My sister Laura is visiting this week. She thought that one of the Portland things to do would be to go to a game. Her son (my nephew) Christopher is a photographer for the Portland Tribune; he was able to score some press passes for us; so even though the game was sold out, we got in.

How fun! We more or less had the run of the place; but my pass wouldn’t get me down to the field, though I had access to anywhere else in the stadium including the press box and locker room.

Timber games are sold out; I heard that this was a real happening but had no idea. There were more people at this one game than attended a season of Beaver’s games the past few years. The Timbers’ Army has to be seen to be believed. They sit in a general admission section in the north end zone. In baseball terms this is down the 3rd base line. We arrived about 1/2 hour before the game and they were standing, singing, chanting, waving flags; a few thousand people having a great time.

I posted an entry from my iPhone but the pictures are kinda, icky. I’ll see if I can adjust them to make the people look normal.

Good thing I took my Canon PowerShot S95. I must say though I got some looks with my little camera while standing next to Christopher with his gigantic telephoto lens.

When we first arrived we headed down close to the field in the south end where Chivas USA was warming up.

Laura and Christopher
Chivas USA players warming up pre game

The Timbers army was in the north end but a guy next to us was doing his part waving a Scottish flag and displaying his scarf. The Scottish flag is waved to honor the coach who is coach (as I understand it). Scarves are a big part of the game. At then end of every bar of the National Anthem everyone waves them very briefly. Dozens of styles are available for sale all around Portland

A scouting party for the Timbers’ Army
The obverse side of the scarf

Go figure; 20,000+ people at the game and who walks in right in front of us? My sister-in-law Linda and her date Dick. They had no idea I was going, and are pretty well versed in my (previous) feelings about soccer, so they were a little surprised to see us. But happily surprised? Look at the picture and you judge.

Linda and  Dick at the game.

One thing that didn’t dawn on me is that having a press pass is different from having a seat. That was lesson 1 of the night. Just after taking the picture the rightful owners of the seats we were in came to claim their spot. Christopher went to work while Laura and I wandered around; we found a place to stand near the $150 seats!

Christopher at work. Kneeling at corner of the log stand with a white camera lens.

The Timbers won 1-nil. Here is a small part of the Army after the goal.

Timbers’ Army cheering after a goal

For the second half we made our way up to the press box.  Christopher filled us in on the 2nd lesson of press access: no cheering in the press box. Quite a different take on the game; great view but very quiet. Laura and I had a blast yelling and cheering the first half; this was quite different.

Upper row of the press box at Jeld-Wenn field

All in all a great time. Who knows season tickets might be fun. They are way cheaper than Blazer tickets are and the energy is a lot of fun.

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