Hints of Spring – March 17 & 18 2012

It’s been cold, wet, and windy the past couple of weeks, But we had a couple of breaks over the weekend so Carla and I ambled round the neighborhood in search of spring. I had seen a couple of blossoming trees so thought I’d take my Canon Powershot S100 along. It’s perfect for this type of adventure. Small enough not to be a nuisance but still with plenty of quality.

We went out walking on both Saturday afternoon and then Sunday morning after church. It’s interesting to see what a big difference the light makes. Here a shot from Saturday afternoon with the sun over my left shoulder.

Saturday afternoon; the fence is in the shade

 Can you tell what I edited out of this picture?

Sunday morning; a bit more direct sunlight

Another view of the blossoming trees on Saturday. Can you see what I edited out of this picture?

Saturday afternoon. Ugly street sign removed

We went through Hiteon Park which collects a bit of water when the big rains come.

Not much new growth but I like the reflections

Another shot of some reflections in the impromptu pond.

And an attempt at a close-up. The background is in too much focus.

Sunday morning

It was a brisk, sunny walk. Just as we got home it started hailing and raining. Glad we got to enjoy some hints of spring before the gray came back.

We had

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