Burger Project – Fresh Grill

It’s been a whole month since we have been out and today was a perfect day for getting back to our labor of love. It was Ray’s choice and we headed over to Fresh Grill on Cascades Blvd in Beaverton near the Best Buy.  

Unfortunately, Jay couldn’t join us. No sooner had he and Mary Ann got back from a week at Lego Land in San Diego with their grandchildren then he headed up to Alaska to visit his brother. Oh well; that’s the tough part of having such a large ensemble; we sometimes have to go with a quorum rather than unanimous participation.
Nice looking spot. Look at that blue sky!
Ray, Norm, Howard, and John
Terry Grant (Ray’s wife) is an artist; she made us some business cards. It’s just perfect. Great graphics; simple but has everything folks need to know. You can follow her work on her blog at http://andsewitgoes.blogspot.com/  When I write this on April 6, 2012 she has a beautiful fabric piece of a campfire. We handed some cards to the staff and to the guy who took our picture above.
We are kind of a big deal now that we have cards

Good looking hamburgers; it looks like a ton of mayonaise, but I don’t think it’s Best Foods; it wasn’t as gloppy as I’d have expected.

Oh the bacon looks perfect! And the fries!
Our server brings the milk shakes

Howard and Ray contemplating their fries

The store manager dropped by to make sure everything was fine

Another helpful, friendly staff member



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