Burger Project – Rock Creek Corner

I’m late with this posting and I’m late getting my South Africa pictures up. I’ve narrowed my pictures from our trip from 2,000+ to 74 and will get them up soon. In the meantime I’ll get our ratings for Rock Creek Corner tavern up with a minimum of intro.

18515 NW West Union RD Portland, OR

On July 7 Ray picked out the Rock Creek Corner tavern; the burgers were fantastic. It used to have another name back in the 90’s when he and I worked at PCC and went out to Rock Creek campus for meeting periodically. We never went in, and now it has changed hands and been revamped. It is really a good place for a burger. Jay was up at the Canal so missed on on the great experience.

Macalya, our server is fantastic

Jeesh; you’d think after taking over 2,000 pictures I could get a snapshot right. I should have had the flash on. 
John, Ray, Howard, Norm – Macayla knows her way around a camera. Nice picture.

My root beer float – no milkshakes available. I love A&W root beer

A b urger with onion rings!

Oh my what a great hamburger. The bacon was perfect; the sauce was perfect. Look at that cheese perfectly melted on the patty.


Looks like we loved it!



Perfection. All the parts and pieces were just the way I like them. Buns really moist and fresh, meat juicy,ample, cooked medium. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, all good. Special sauce tasty too.

I think this was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. The meat was perfect and the bun was outstanding. There were two large crispy pieces of bacon and melted blue cheese. The sauce was very tasty and not over done. The overall burger was moist, but not overly-juicy. It was just a one-napkin experience. The fixins were on the side – crispy fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles.

Very Good Burger. Excellent Bun, nice juicy and flavorful Patty. And lots of stuff to go with it. The onion ring was ok too.. but I would not have missed it

This is a fantastic hamburger. Bacon Cheeseburger is not a standard menu item; I had to order a regular and add the bacon and cheese. The bun was perfect size and texture; the bacon was cooked to perfection as was the patty. The special sauce was scrumptious and the condiments were fresh.


The fries were also very good. Crisp, cooked through, browned nicely and not overly salted. The two rings were included with my order and I wasn’t expecting them. They were also good. Crisp, not very greasy as some can be. .

Good fries. Large fat, cooked just right. Firm and brown on the outside and well-done on the inside. Nothing fancy, just really good.

Good well cooked and seasoned fries.

Standard fries




Beer from Mac & Jacks in Yakima

Root beer float


This place is a one-off restaurant, as are most of the ones we have visited. It has an ‘old- west’ vibe to it. Very comfortable and very quiet as we were the only ones in the restaurant part of it. Tin ceiling, farm tools etc. added to the flavor.

I like the atmosphere. It appears old but it is clean. There are some tasteful decorations, but nothing too gaudy or in bad taste. We sat in a booth, which was very comfortable. They played old time country music (Johny Cash), which is not my favorite, but it certainly fit the establishment.

Washington County faux old Tavern. Nothing really stands out.. and since we were the only folks in the place at noon plus 30 on a warm saturday, well you get the picture

I’ve found that the places we go to fall into two basic categories: burger joints and taverns. This is a tavern; a nice one. Not many people there; I think maybe only one other set of customers.


Friendly, eager to help with our research endeavors. She didn’t write any part of the orders down when taking them. I always find that impressive, especially they get it all right.

We were the only ones in the restaurant part, perhaps there were folks in the bar. The wait person was very friendly and smart. They have regular table service and she was the only one we interracted with.

Macayla, our server, was energetic, enthusiastic and very efficient. (of course since we were the only folks in the place she didn’t have much else to occupy her time)

Macayla was very fun and enthusiastic. She took good care of us.


To me, this was as close to what I would hope to find in a casual dining experience. Clean, quiet, comfortable place with good fare served by friendly, efficient people.

We had a very good dining experience. Also, they seem to have an interesting menu. There are a number of things I would like to try next time. The prices were a little high, but this was not your typical fast food burger and, in my opinion, it was worth the price.

Howard entertained us with tales from his recent trip to South Africa. The food and drink and service were very good.

A great place to go for a great burger – as long as you want beer instead of a shake.

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