Trains at the Ridgefield Bird Sanctuary

The fall colors were showing, I got a bargain on a Sony SLT-A65 camera, and there was a break in the rain so I headed 14 miles north of Portland to the Ridgefield bird sanctuary.  But I didn’t make it into the sanctuary, I stopped by the tracks for some train pictures.

As soon as I parked, a train was peeping around the corner

I turned south and here comes a BNSF coal train

The Cascades trains are so quiet and fast they are practically gone before I get the camera up

The Cascades, this BNSF, and the following UP went by in quick order

Did I mention I got a new car? It did great on the muddy road on the way in

Not bad for a couple hours hanging out. I spent the time between trains reading the camera manual.

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