President’s Day Weekend – Fern Hill Wetlands

Jeff Johnson, a great photographer and musician posted some pictures in mid February from the Fern Hill Wetlands in Forest Grove and said it was one of his favorite places to take pictures.

Description: This 243 acre site is composed largely of restored wetlands and moist soil habitats of now defunct sewage ponds. Fernhill is the focus of a proposed multi-million dollar project to continue the 150-200 acre restoration process and re-open the slough to the adjacent Tualatin River.

The Saturday of Presidents’ Day Weekend was nice so Carla and I headed out to see what was up.

As we started walking we saw we were under a long line of clouds heading northeast

As we looked at this line of trees we saw one of two eagles fly out of a nest

Eagle’s Nest in the right most tree

 One of the eagles minding the nest

The mate circled around and landed atop a tall tree nearby.

We headed back to the car as the sun was going down.

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