2014 Christmas in Illinois: Jurgen’s First Solid Food

When we were in North Riverside for Christmas I thought about playing around with video recording. I knew there was a button on my camera for it but I never used it. Christmas afternoon Jurgen got his first taste of solid food – mashed banana – and I thought what a perfect opportunity to try video.

I didn’t even know how to import the video file so I could watch it.I Googled a bit and discovered I have iMovie on my Mac so I played around with that. I was able to import the but I had over three minutes of video and I knew most people wouldn’t have the patience to watch all of that. When I worked at OHSU we had a site license to Lynda.com which I converted to a personal license when I retired. I’ve learned a lot about photography and knew they’d have something on iMovie. Sure enough they have a long course on it. Being me starting a new project I jumped to the part where I could select clips from the video. I used the simplest theme and selected just a few interesting bits. No fade ins or outs or music; I just wanted to get something up.

So here it is.

But there he is; cutest kid in the world.

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