Multnomah Women’s Chorus

Carla and her sister Linda have been in the local Multnomah Women’s Chorus for the past few years. There are four terms a year with a concert at the end of each term. The concerts include ensemble numbers and some soloists or duos.

Linda’s bucket list includes singing Emmylou Harris’ Sorrow in the Wind with her sisters, so they asked the director, Jessica, if they could do it this summer. Starr, the youngest sister, is not in the chorus but joined the combo for the next to last song in the concert. Also singing was Jessica and another chorus member, Shannon. They were accompanied by Linda’s son Kevin and his friend Barak on guitar, fiddle player George (who is a chemistry teacher at a local high school and played at Linda’s daughter’s wedding a few years ago) and bass player Chuck (Jessica’s dad) a truly world famous jazz bass player. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of Chuck in the frame – he is blocked by the guitar players.

In the video, Linda introduces the piece and the artists. The rest of the Multnohmah Women’s Chorus is in the background.

I’m not clear on how to update video, there are so many formats, so I’m uploading two versions hoping those interested can see at least one. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the video to convert and load in WordPress. In the lower right corner you can click the four opposing arrows to expand the size (yes, some people may not know that).

Here is the higher quality version

And the 720p version


2 thoughts on “Multnomah Women’s Chorus

  1. Carla says “hey” back to you! She sure has a good time in the group.
    BTW: I’m back at work temporarily doing some programming and see my and your name on a lot of old programs! I miss seeing you everyday. Stay beautiful.

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