MarsEdit 4 Testing

I downloaded a copy of the MarsEdit 4 app which allows you to create blog posts then push up to WordPress.

One of the things that looks promising is the ability to load my pictures directly into the app then push it all to my blog. When using the WordPress web app I first have to upload all the images I want, then insert them.

So, we are going to see how it works. I already dragged and dropped the featured image (the banner photo at the top of the post)

It looked pretty simple to add my Blog Photos folder to MarsEdit 4; and I got some options how to size it. Here I resized to the width of the post

20171208 DSC00249 DSC RX10M4  Ridgefield Trains and Birds

The problem with this is that if you click the image you don’t get a larger image if you click on it.

Here is another photo that I’ll leave as original size.

20171208 DSC00454 DSC RX10M4  Ridgefield Trains and Birds

Um, yeah; posting full size doesn’t work – it overruns the margins on the web page. Hmmm. I’ll load it full size, then manually resize and see if I can then allow clicking to a bigger image. That worked; but I had to go into the WordPress editor to create the links.

20171208 DSC00272 DSC RX10M4  Ridgefield Trains and Birds

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