Year in Reading: 2018

Post Date: February 3, 2019

I’ve fought and argued with the WordPress editor about tables and we came to a compromise: I’ll do a table like WordPress lets me. Here is the list of the 14 books I read in 2018. There are links in the titles which go to my reviews which in turn have links to the books on Amazon. Yeah, the links may not show up in highlighted blue like they should but they are there. Welcome to an insight into a small part of my battle over tables in WordPress.

The OdysseyHomer;
Translated by Emily Watson
Little Fires EveryWhereCeleste Ng★★★★★
Everything I Never Told YouCeleste Ng★★★★
A Visit from the Goon SquadJennifer Egan★★★
The Final Days of JesusMark D. Smith★★★★
AutumnAli Smith★★★
The Republic for Which it StandsRichard White★★★★★
The GodfatherMario Puzo★★★★
Clock DanceAnne Tyler★★★★★
Turtles All The Way DownJohn Green★★★★
The Accidental TouristAnne Tyler★★★★
Reckless Daughter:
A Portrait of Joni Mitchell
David Yaffe★★★★
LessAndrew Sean Greer★★★
The Bartender’s TaleIvan Doig★★★★

The award for the longest time to read is “The Republic for Which it Stands” It is a history of Reconstruction and the Gilded Age in America 1865-1898. It is another comprehensive book in the Oxford History of the United States. I love this history series and am looking forward to the volume on the early 1900’s through World War I and maybe up to the Great Depression. These books are great but they are dense and detailed. It took me almost 4 months to finish.

My favorite novel of the year is “Little Fires Everywhere” which opens with a fire. We then backtrack to see why it happened. It is an intricate story about mother and daughter relationships and how we fight back against parental expectations. Beautiful.

I’m looking forward to another serendipitous journey through the world of literature in 2019.

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