Neighborhood Walking

Since the gym has been closed for 6+ weeks, my main form of exercise is walking. I’m trying to get 5 miles a day in – sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t. last posted pictures from my walks at the end of March and thought it would be good to post some updates. For the past few weeks favorite locations is Hyland Forest Park – a 30 acre wooded area with nice paths about 1½ miles from my house.

You can follow my Flickr album if you’d like to see more frequent updates and more pictures. These aren’t all from Hyland Forest Park but they are all from there or the surrounding neighborhoods.

One of my favorite things to get pictures of in the woods is the sun shining through the trees onto a patch of ground.

Sunny spot in the woods

There are so many paths and different vegetation in the woods which provide lots of different views.

One of the paths in Hyland Forest Park

But, it’s the spring blooms that really sparkle for me.

Spring blossoms in Hyland Forest Park
Spring blossoms in Hyland Forest Park

The Highland Hills (redundant much?) neighborhood sports many beautiful gardens.

Splash of light and color in the neighborhood
Spring blossoms in the neighborhood

I’m always on the lookout for whimsy. I’m guessing the homeowner is a fishing fan.

Fish theme mailbox

In the past two weeks I’ve seen painted rocks and other bits of craft along the park paths. I’m guessing it’s a reaction to The Rona that is keeping us isolated. It’s so sweet that people are out there trying to cheer us up.

One of many painted rocks hidden in Hyland Forest Park

I’m not sure of the architecture here; do any of you know whether this is an elf, or fairie home?

Elf or Fairie home? Hyland Forest Park

Stay healthy.

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