Fall in the Tron

Dates: October 2023

Your first question is probably “What is ‘The Tron’?” I don’t know how it came about, but I know it was my son Jeff; years ago – I mean YEARS ago – he came up with the nickname of “The Tron” for our hometown Beaverton. Sometimes – most often during the change of seasons – I am stopped in my tracks during my daily walk. It has happened four times this month – so far.

On October 11 summer was still holding on in some gardens.

Rose holding on into Fall – October 11, 2023

But in other places the the leaves had been falling for a while. I love how the rain is still beading up.,

Falling leaves – October 11, 2023

So many mushrooms; they seem to be everywhere.

Mushrooms doing their mushroom thing – October 12, 2023

It poured rain overnight and into the early morning. I love how the dripping water hangs on to the little berries.

Water drops on the buds or berries – October 25, 2023

Note, all these photos were taken with my iPhone – nice little camera.

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