Two walks in Vancouver Washington

It’s been a cool and rainy spring here in the Portland area – the wettest April/May in recorded history; so when a break in the weather arrives we try to take advantage. One of our favorite walks is just the other side of the Columbia River from Portland: through the Fort Vancouver Historic Site into downtown Vancouver, then back along the river. The walk ranges from 3½ to 4 miles depending upon how many side excursions you do.
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California Trip Days 10-11: The Drive Home

Our drive home to Beaverton, Oregon from Santa Cruz, California would be 700+ miles so we planned to split it up into three days so we could do some site seeing. Back in the day we would hop in the car and drive straight 700 miles straight through to visit Carla’s family. Heck; in college my friends and I would leave the College of Idaho campus after our last final and drive 800+ miles overnight to get home in southern California.

But we don’t drive nonstop like that anymore. We like to see things along the way. Our plan was: Day 1 to Chico, California; Day 2 up to Grants Pass, Oregon; and home on Day 3. Well, that was the plan; like our July trip, we had to change a bit because of wild fires and smoke.

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