A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

When I was young I shied away from this story because I thought I knew it all from the movies and I thought Tiny Tim was sappy. But for the past couple of decades I have re-read this beautiful little book almost every Christmas and everytime I come away with a new insight; sometimes small, sometimes big.
It’s not too late to read it for Christmas this year. It’s a short book and can easily be read in an evening. When our kids were young we read it a once or twice in the lead up to Christmas; reading 1 chapter a night. The kids are all grown up now so I read it on my own.

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Hyland Forest Park through the year

One of the few blessings from this dumpster fire of a year was an opportunity to stretch my legs walking every day. One of my favorite destinations is Hyland Forest Park which I had walked on the outskirts of for years but never in. Starting in April 2020 I explored the trails in the 29.5 acre park. It’s 1½ miles from my house up to the park, then about a one mile loop – or maybe a bit more if I walk down more trails, then 1½ miles home. So a 4 mile walk with plenty of elevation change and a beautiful forested park in the middle. I’ve been intrigued by how the woods have changed over the 8 months.

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Carbon Steel Skillet Seasoning – Update

Carla calls this my Diva pan – and I see her point. I bought a Matfer Bourgeat 11 7/8-inch carbon steel skillet in November then cleaned and seasoned it the day before Thanksgiving (November 25, 2020). You can read about that experience and how I smoked up the house here. Then I used it for a few cooks and had to re-season it. This pan definitely demands attention as I start the seasoning and early cooking stages.
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