Leaving Cheyenne by Larry McMurtry

When Larry McMurtry died earlier this year I decided to re-read some of his earlier works. Leaving Cheyenne is his second novel and I was struck by two things: 1) I remembered very little about the story. I thought I knew the plot but as I read it it struck me that I only recalled about the first third from my first reading over 40 years ago. 2) This story is another telling of the classic Larry McMurtry theme of a strong-willed woman and a strong-willed man (think Augustus McCrae and Clara Allen in Lonesome Dove.)
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Reading: When The Light Goes by Larry McMurtry

When The Light GoesAuthor: Larry McMurtryCopyright: 2007Type: FictionFinished: April 27, 2020 Rating: ★★★ 3 out of 5 stars Image from Amazon Years or even decades pass between the Thalia stories of “The Last Picture Show”, “Texasville”, and “Duane’s Depressed” but only 2 weeks have passed between the previous events and “When The Light Goes”. (However,… Continue reading Reading: When The Light Goes by Larry McMurtry

Reading: Duane’s Depressed by Larry McMurtry

Duane’s DepressedAuthor: Larry McMurtryCopyright: 1999Type: FictionFinished: April 23, 2020 Rating: ★★★ Image from Amazon The novel opens a few years after the end of “Texasville” when Duane is 62. He comes home one afternoon, puts his pickup key in an old cracked cup and starts to walk everywhere. Everywhere. This is beyond strange in a… Continue reading Reading: Duane’s Depressed by Larry McMurtry