Emanon – February 18, 2006

Bake here. I’m a little behind in posting, so things may show up out of order. My little sister was in town and we dragged her along on our excursion.(That’s her in the green sweater in the picture) We went to Emanon at 1000 NW 17th Ave in Portland. It is a little place, not crowded at all. I think our waitress is also the owner. She had some family (niece and nephew, or son and daughter) come in while we were there, so it was really a family affair. The kids served us and made sure our coffee cups were full. Emanon is “No name” in reverse. Pretty cute.

It was a real cold weekend and we got there just as they opened and it took a few minutes for things to warm up.

The best part of the breakfast are the scones! OHMYGOSH! Delicious. I think I had a blueberry/cranberry one. I’d go back just for the scones! I had a scramble with ham, bacon, onions, and cheese. It was very good.

I got the tip on this place from Bruce and Aliece at my work. I can definitely see why it is in their rotation. I give it 3 1/2 stars; a second visit may kick it up to 4.
A confession: Carlita and I went there on a little scouting excursion a few weeks ago when A.H. and Rick couldn’t make it. So, you know that it is a place to return to.

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  1. I'm glad to see you're back and with two (count 'em) breakfast reviews. The scones sound very appealing. I might have to drag the old man out for breakfast one of these days.

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