Gravy – March 11, 2006

[Bake]. We went to “Gravy” on N. Mississippi Ave this week. A.H. made the choice and he did a great job as usual. I give it 4 stars

I thought it was very good and the portions are HUGE. I had a scramble with ham, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, and whatever. It comes slathered in sausage gravy, but I had the gravy on the side. I could barely eat half of it.
The coffee was excellent (I think they serve Stumptown coffee).

This part of Portland is in the midst of a major gentrification and it sure shows. New cool hangouts like Gravy are side-by-side with stores and bars that look like they’ve been there for years. Being 50-somethings with no tatoos and no piercings save for Di-di and Carlita’s earrings meant we were definitely out of our element. We had a nice conversation with a young couple; the guy rides a 10-speed bike converted to a 1-speed; the gearing was very interesting.

You can see from the picture it was COLD that morning; this is a popular place and we had about a 20 minute wait for our seats at 9:00. (Glad it wasn’t raining). This is pretty unusual; being at breakfast by 9:00 usually means no wait; this was probably the first wait we’ve had in months. Our seat ended up by the window, which made for a nice view, but didn’t do much for our warmth. But the coffee helped out.

The wait staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The service was okay; we hada bit of wait for our food and our coffee cups went dry a coupleo ftimes. I’d probably go to 5 stars if service had been a tad faster. But I’m not complaining, the place was hopping. This is just what we are looking for in our breakfast; good food, good service, and a fun atmosphere, all delivered in a funky neighborhood location.

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