Day 3 – The Beginning

We woke up late after the Dodger game last night and wandered up Santa Monica Blvd looking for a breakfast place. We found a nice little French cafe where we sat outside and had a light breakfast. I had a couple of soft boiled eggs, tasty bread, and Paris ham. Carla had a granola and yogurt parfet (hey, we are in SoCal after all). Here is a picture of the place.

After breakfast we went down to Ocean and Santa Monica Blvd and found the unofficial starting point of Route 66. We found the Will Rogers plaque and I took a picture looking east down Santa Monica Blvd.


After the post above we went for a LONG walk down the beach path south of Santa Monica to Venice Beach. We passed Muscle Beach and watched some really strong people do amazing things on the various equipment. Venice Beach is a trip; mostly tourists and burnouts. But I’m glad we did it. We were pretty tuckered when we got back to the hotel.

6 thoughts on “Day 3 – The Beginning

  1. Hi guys, Looks like you're having a great time.

    Candace and I rolled in around 5:00. Your mail is in and everything looks fine.

    Howard, I saw ALOT of trains this weekend. I remember one with orange engines, and a Union Pacific train as we got closer to home. It made me think of you guys.

    Thanks for the blog, so we can live vicariously through you. Dianne

  2. Love the plaque. Didn't know that “Route 66” was called Will Rogers Highway; I know I am just a young-in or atleast its nice to type it 🙂 Looks like the trip started off well but where are the trains??? Remember, you said there would be trains? BTW: where is the next rest stop I need a break 🙂

  3. Wow! I bet eating at Barney's Beanery made the trip even more enjoyable!
    Ya know, Jeff has never met a bean he didn't like!

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