November 10, 2007 – Veritable Quandry

We had a special visitor to our group this week. Carla and my son’s, fiance’s dad, Murray Slovick. He lives in New Jersey and came out for the weekend to visit his daughter’s future in-laws. He is extremely charming and we had a blast.
We wanted to show him “Portland” and so wanted a real nice downtown experience. It was a toss up between Mother’s Bistro and The Veritable Quandry. We’ve been to both before and enjoyed them both. The ambience, architecture, and location of VQ won out. So we headed there for breakfast.
Here’s the regular 4; Murray was at the controls of his camera.

Ohmygosh; if I walk down the street with that expression, I bet people give me a wide berth.

So many choices, it was hard to decide. I opted for the local made sausage with currants, along with eggs and a potato cake. The sausage was delicious; the eggs were, well… eggs: fried over-medium. The potato cake was a little dense and maybe I was just full, but I didn’t eat it all; it wasn’t compelling.

Murray (and I think Herb) had the Eggs Benedict on a home made English muffin; they seemed pretty whelmed (not overwhelmed or underwhelmed, just whelmed) by the muffin – dense like the potato cake.
After breakfast, Herb and Dianne headed home, where I think Herb had to install a new toilet. Carla, Murray, and I walked on the Hawthorne bridge where I got a picture of Murray and Carla:

A pretty nice picture of the waterfront; too bad I only had my phone camera.

From there we took the tram up to OHSU, then explored Powell’s, the Pearl, Pioneer Courthouse Square, where they were putting up the Christmas tree, and quick drive through Ladd’s Addition in the Hawthorne area.

For dinner that night (I know, I know, this is a breakfast blog) we ate at Higgins, which is my favorite restaurant in Portland. If you are in Portland for a night, I recommend Higgins without reservation (well, actually you may want to make a reservation).

Next up is November 17; I have a couple of places in mind. I’ll try to get a report out soon.

I’ve also made up a little breakfast blog card the size of a business card with the blog URL on it; maybe we’ll get a little traction with this.

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