Veritable Quandry

I enjoyed this restaurant very much. I also had the Eggs Benedict on the homemade english muffins. I generally don’t get anything Benedict because I don’t care for the sauce which is usually too lemony or tart for my taste. This sauce was just right and the english muffin was good. It was dense, as Howard mentioned, and not at all crispy, but still good.

The service was good and the company was delightful, as usual, with the added benefit of having Murray there, too. It was nice to get to meet Jeff’s future father-in-law.

When we ate here a few years ago, I had the steel-cut oats for breakfast. It was so creamy and tasty with just the right amount of fruit, sugar, and cream. I loved it! I was glad to see it was still on the menu. I would have had it again, but it just wasn’t an oatmeal kind of day for me.

I would give the VQ four stars for ambience, service, and quality of my breakfast.

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