I can’t remember ever having biscuits and gravy before, so I considered myself a Biscuits and Gravy virgin. That is until Podnah’s. And the first time was truly great! Really, really good biscuits with yummy gravy on the side, which I appreciated because I could control the amount of gravy I got in each bite. The sausage was spicy and tasty and I didn’t feel that it was greasy at all. Howard was kind enough to share his scrambled eggs with me, so I considered my breakfast just about perfect.

The only downfall was not having any decaf coffee AND no herbal teas that I could drink. I was about to settle for a cup of hot water, when the waitress suggested that I go the coffee shop next door and get my coffee. That turned out to be just fine. The Bean is a nice little shop with a very friendly proprietor who was happy to fix me a decaf Americano. We visited with the owner for a bit while he fixed my coffee, and by the time we got back to Podnah’s, our order was almost ready. That made for a short wait.

From what I observed, it looks like Podnah’s uses French Presses to make their coffee, and then puts the coffee in hot pots for the customers to serve themselves. Since I use a French Press at home, I’m sure I would have enjoyed their coffee had I been able to drink it.

Deducting a half point for the shortness of the menu, and another half point for not being able to accommodate my drink needs, I’d rate this place at four stars.

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