China Delight – November 24, 2007

Address: 8975 SW Beaverton Hillsdale

I definitely wasn’t on my “A” game for blogging; I didn’t have my PDA; didn’t get a picture; and didn’t pick up a business card. So, bear with me.

I may be off on the date by a week. There was a little bit of snow was spitting at us on the drive and it seems like we talked about Christmas trees.

The most interesting place about this restaurant is that it is a Chinese restaurant in the evenings; but in the mornings it is “Carma’s American Breakfast” restaurant. I think the name is Carma’s. Some folks lease the place and serve breakfast when the building would otherwise be idle. What a great idea.

I do remember I had a scramble which was okay. If I remember correctly, their motto was they had the best breakfast in Beaverton. Well, based on my experience that isn’t saying much; there just aren’t that many good breakfast places in our neck of the woods. But if I was going to vote for a best, I’d pick Murrayhill Cafe over this spot. But, I would consider going back here.


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