Not Happy with Jeeves in Springtime

Just finished the short story Jeeves in Springtime where he is supposed to help Bingo Little get hooked up with a certain waitress over the objections of Bingo’s rich uncle whom Bingo relies upon for an allowance.

Jeeves does his usual solve two problems at once schtick, but it is all for Jeeves’ benefit and not for Bertie’s or Bingo’s. Jeeves ends up using the situation to break up with a woman he was seeing (Bingo’s uncle’s cook) and makes it so Bingo can’t get with the waitress because Jeeves is interested in her.

Sounds complicated? It’s a little funny but I don’t think Jeeves is out for his own benefit. Or maybe I’ve missed something over the years and I’ll come to get a whole new outlook on things.

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