Catching Up – Friday Night LIghts

September 2009

Going back through my Bento database I figured I could get caught up on my book reports for the past year.

Author: H.G. Bissinger
Pages: 366
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Finished: September 12, 2009
Rating: ****

Dang, I was lazy and didn’t write a review in my Bento database so now I’ll have to remember!

I know I read this because I enjoy the TV series. Remembering back the main thing I remember about this great book on high school football in Texas is how seriously they take it; it’s more intense than college football in Oregon. Also, the amount of racism in the town of Odessa. As I think someone said in the book; the schools became desegregated but not integrated. The blacks are used as long as they can produce on the football field but as soon as someone is injured, they are just another “n-word”.

I’ve read a couple of books now by H.G. “Buzz”  Bissinger, the other being Three Nights in August about Tony LaRussa manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Buzz does a great job of drilling into the moment in time and making it real.

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