Halloween 2010

I made gumbo a few years ago but was not at all happy with it. The roux never “took” and the okra made it pretty slimy. So, late summer when I saw a recipe for it in Cook’s Country (A version of the recipe is here) I was doubtful I could pull it off. But it had a method for coming up with a dark fragrant roux that was worth a shot. Was I ever glad I took a chance; this is one of my top meals ever IMHO.

To cook the roux, you start by putting raw flour in the Dutch oven and toast it over medium high heat for about 5 minutes. When it starts to turn brown, whisk in the oil then transfer the pot to the oven for 45 minutes.

Timing is everything. While the roux is in the oven Jeff and I chop and measure.

After 45 minutes the roux came out of the oven; it was every bit as dark and fragrant as I had hoped. I figured we were on to something.
The Creole holy trinity of onion, green bell pepper and celery go into the roux, followed by the aromatics of garlic, thyme, and cayenne pepper. That is followed up by a combination of low sodium chicken broth and Thai fish sauce (really). Once that simmers; in goes the chicken for 30 minutes.
While the pot is simmering, I start the rice. Toast it in butter for a few minutes, then add water and salt, and cover for 20 minutes.
Do a few dishes while things are simmering. Then the chicken comes out to be taken off the bone and chopped into bite sized pieces and put back in.  andouille and the shrimp join the party. Notice the lack of mention of okra. It is an optional ingredient so I left it out.
Linda made a delicious salad; Carla made corn bread:
Here we are at the end of the meal. Check out our new artwork just behind Carla: pastel and acrylic on sand paper. It was her birthday present this year.

For dessert we had coconut cream pie that Dianne McDonnell made yesterday. We were over to their place last night to have some delicious taco soup and watch the world series and see the Ducks trounce USC.

I’m thinking I need to change to a 6 star rating system so I can give it 6 starts. Jeff said “you could just make 5 stars louder”. I responded “this is 6”. If you’ve got a few hours and and want to cook one heluva meal, go for this.

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