Birthday Celebration


I had a great birthday. I took the day off: slept in, bought a remote control for my new grill. I met Jeff at Busters for lunch. One of my goals is to make brisket as well as they do. Then I went to the bowling alley to work on my release. I’ve had a horrible couple of weeks bowling and my release point was completely messed up. I did pretty well; hopefully I can take that success to next Monday. Then a walk in the late afternoon.

Jeff came over for dinner:  Guactacs and cake! Then I got to open my present; a fantastic apron to go with the grill!

Here’s a close-up so you can read it.

Weekend birthday weekend in Portland

Carla and I went to downtown Portland for the weekend. We went to Jimmy Mak’s to see Linda Hornbuckle. Fantastic. We are going back on March 15 to see Lloyd Jones, a local blues band.

We also walked all over (of course). Got a couple of pictures at Union Station. And saw a cairn that made us think of our nephew Fran Camosse

And a train coming across the Steel Bridge

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