The combined blogs – 2for66

I had four different blogs; each created for a different activity.

  • A train picture blog
  • A breakfast group blog
  • A “what I’m doing now” blog.
  • A travel blog
I found that one of the blog URLs I’ve been wanting forever is available. I’ve been looking for “”  but a guy has it. There is one posting that is a couple of years old. Maybe sometime I’ll contact him and see if he’ll give it up.
In the meantime, I found that my 2nd favorite name is available: 2for66 dot blogspot dot com.  Obviously you found it!  This name emphasizes the road trip / travel aspect of the blog. It has to do with the two of us (Carla and me) traveling on Route 66.
So, I’ve merged all my blogs into this one and I’m working on labeling entries so y’all can grab what you like.
I’d really appreciate it if you “follow” me and post comments. It makes it more interactive and I hope interesting.
[Edit May 26, 2018. Since you made it to this page, you know that I have my own domain and the blog is now at]

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