Dinners for 8

We hosted our semi-regular Dinners for 8 group dinner tonight. I did some baby back ribs; Carla made Mac and Cheese. Donelle and Dewey brought delicious appetizers (battered/deep-fried jalapenos anyone?) and rolls. Ron and Karen brought a Caesar salad with parmesan cheese crackers. Sharon and Dan made a marscapone/strawberry tart.

I should have grabbed pictures of everything; sorry! I got too focused on the regular barbecue stuff.
Here is what I got.

Rubbed the ribs with some a memphis-style rub the night before. Here they are on the MAK. 4 racks on top; 2 on the bottom with a water pan (barely visible on the bottom left). I wanted to try adding some moisture.

They cooked for about 5 hours at 250. I had figured on 4, but they took longer than expected to pass the bend test. While they cooked, we did the misé en placé for the Mac and Cheese.



Here it is almost all assembled.



After 5 hours on the smoker, I cranked up the heat on the MAK to high and turned on the Weber gas grill. Spread some Kansas City style sauce and grilled them for about 10 minutes 


Dinner is served


So-so food pics; terrible (as in none) group pics.

Rating: ★★★★  4 Stars

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