A beautiful summer day at Arcadia Beach

When the kids were little we’d go to Arcadia Beach; a little wayside just south of Canon Beach. There is a little path down from the parking lot about 100 feet down to the beach. We’ve found it to be a nice area somewhat protected from the wind.

It was only the 2nd or 3rd day this summer when the thermometer would hit 80 and we thought it might be a good beach day. It was beautiful. Practically no wind and the clouds were all out to sea.

We set down our chairs and went for a walk down the beach. You can cover the entire beach north to south in about 1 hour round trip.

 It wasn’t long before the jackets came off.

The water had some real nice green tints to it.

Down at the far south end we saw a group setting up tents with their backs up against the cliff and a handmade dike to hold off the water. I don’t think they spent a dry night last night.
After a walk we came back and hung out in our lounge chairs. I read another chapter from “The Rebirth of a Nation”, a history of the United States between Reconstruction and the World War I. A fascinating time; a terrible book. 
I didn’t take our camera on our 2nd walk. Up on the top of a tree on top of the bluff was a raptor of some sort. I grabbed a picture from my iPhone but it doesn’t do it justice.
We had dinner at Mo’s then headed home. 
It’s been so cool and cloudy this spummer (wet spring + summer) sun screen was the last thing on my mind. Um, bad news. I had covered up my legs while sitting but the tops of my feet got a nice burn.
As we were close to home the McD’s called and asked if we wanted to go grab some yogurt at the new store nearby. YES. What a hot spot. We saw 3 different groups of people we know. Amy Gin, who went to school with Andrew and Jeff and is now a pharmacist at Safeway. Karen Dyx, the youth pastor of our church, Murray Hills Christian Church, and then Karen and Ron Murray. We visited for a good long while then walked back home. It’s really summer; I spent the whole day in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. 

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