Monday August 8; return to Chicago

Monday was a travel day. Henriët had to get back to Chi-town for rehearsal. So we had a quick breakfast at the Village Cafe in Egg Harbor and hit the road.

We had seen signs for the Cheese Castle along the road and thought it might rival the  Corn Palace in Nebraska. Um, no. It’s a place to buy cheese and get lunch. If you are pondering a stop there on your travels, I have 4 words: DO NOT DO IT.

The sign was way better than the place 

We got to Highland Park in late afternoon;  pefect timing to hit the Real Urban BBQ (again). We all had burnt ends. This is a great barbecue joint. If you are coming to Chicago; put this on your must visit (unless you are vegetarian)

When we returned to Andrew and Henriët’s place Carla and I headed off for a walk to a park on the Chicago River. It started to rain which was fine; but when the lightning and thunder started we headed back. Henriët headed to Grant Park for rehearsal while Andrew, Carla and I messed around the apartment and watched another Jeeves and Wooster episode from our Netflix DVD

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