Friday August 12: Henriëts Performance at Grant Park

Henriët is a member of the Grant Park Chorus for the summer Grant Park Music Festival. She’s been rehearsing for months and we got to go to one of her performances Friday night. The work performed was “The Book with Seven Seals” by Franz Schmidt. This is an oratorio based on the Book of Revelation. The music was beautiful but the message is grim. If my belief in radical grace is wrong, I’m in big trouble.

The Pritzker Pavilion is smack dab in the middle of Grant Park right next to The Bean; it is a perfect place for summer concerts. True to my idiot self I forgot to take an over view picture. Here is one I found from the USA Today site

USA Today Image

Google Maps image

We got there early in true Thompson style to make sure we got good seats.

Before the performance

I saved seats while Carla and Andrew went to get some sandwiches.

The performance is full swing

After the performance we strolled over to the Buckingham Fountain which is a duplicate to one in France, but in true American style it is twice as large.

Buckingham Fountain sporting the lights at night

After this we walked over to the “L” and took the train back home. A wonderful night.

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