Sunday August 14: White Sox game and China Town

Saturday was a very quiet day. We slept in and just lazed around until early afternoon. I posted some blog entries while Henriët, Andrew, and Carla looked at wedding reception venues on the interweb.

Andrew and Henriët looking at wedding reception venues

That afternoon, we did a little shopping. We went to a little local pizza joint for dinner, then Henriët headed downtown for her 2nd performance of “The Book with Seven Seals” at the Grant Park Music Festival. The  rest of us went to Lincoln Square for some ice cream, then headed home to watch “Anything Goes”, a 1956 movie with Bing Crosby, Donald O’Conner, Mitzi Gainer, and another actress. Andrew will be directing the music for the Fenwick production of the play and this was supposed to be research. Unfortunately the movie had next to nothing to do with the play other than a couple of the songs. The movie was terrifically awful with the exception of a few of the production numbers with some very, very good dancing.

Sunday Carla and I woke up to the sounds and smells of breakfast. Henriët had purchased boerewors, a South African link sausage. She picked it up at a Naperville butcher who made it on request from some South Africans. It sold well enough that they make it regularly. How sweet and thoughtful of the kids to go all the way to Naperville to pick up this South African treat.

Breakfast is served. Scrambled eggs with peppers, onions and mushrooms; Boerewors is on the plate in the middle

Our lovely daughter-in-law to be

After breakfast it was time for the daily update on the baobab tree.

Henriët showing off her green thumb
A close up of the baobab bonsai

Around 11:45 we headed to the “L” to head into South Chicago for the White Sox game at U.S. Cellular  field.

Baseball fans

Great seats. First level just beyond 1st base

Carla and Howard enjoying the day,

Chicago’s China Town is 1 stop north of the ballpark on the red line. So we jumped off and strolled the streets for a bit.

The China Town gate

Looking north with Willis Tower in the background. The ledges we walked on are barely visible on the left of the building

A beautiful mosaic at the edge of China Town

 Back on the “L” platform I got one more skyline shot of the City of Big Shoulders

Looking northeast from the  China Town “L” platform

We’ll munch on leftovers for dinner tonight. Tomorrow Andrew has his first day of work. We’ll take it easy and Henriët will drive us to O’Hare for our trip home.

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  1. Looks like Chicago was a blast for you… Train yard, baseball game, what more could a big kid like you ask for…. Thanks for sharing wished we could have heard Henriet sing. I looked up the music on you tube and I have to agree that the music sounds dark but it also has its class. Must have been cool watching her sing… Look forward to seeing you Tuesday and glad you had a great time on Vacation.

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