Thanksgiving 2011 – Celebration

We had 21 people over.

My nephew Christopher with his girlfriend Lauren; Carla; Glenn’s step-daugther Stella 
Christopher and Stella

Carla’s brother Glenn with Jeff (it’s very rare to get a picture of him)

Carla’s sisters Linda and Starr

John; father of our nieces Jessica and Megan

Jim brought over a deep fried turkey; I’m practicing my carving skills.

Dinner is served. Deep fried turkey on the left; smoked turkey in the middle.

From the left: Starr’s husband Jim, Jeff (background); Linda’s sons Paul and Kevin; Kevin’s girlfriend Carmina; Lauren, Christopher

Starr’s daughters Jessica and Megan; Megan’s boyfriend David; Jim’s son Garret.

Kevin and Carmina; Kevin’s a little fuzzy here but I like the picture

Carla and Howard having a blast

A bunch of folks (Christopher, Lauren, Jeff, Jimm, Starr, Paul, Carla, Stella, Glenn)

Most everyone

Dinner is winding down. Jeff’s girlfriend Sarah (right) joined us for dessert!

Sarah with Megan and Christopher

Carolyn and Glenn take their leave

The matriarch committee: Carla, Starr, and Linda

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