December 2011

We had a very busy December and I didn’t get a chance to post pictures of individual events. So, here is a retrospective of the month.

November was a wet month but the rain stopped the day after Thanksgiving, which is usually when I get the Christmas lights up. It was very dry until a few days after Christmas. Here is the house bedecked in Christmas lights.

On December 3 a group of us took part in the Sherwood Merry Walkers “blanket walk”.  We started at the Sherwood YMCA and headed into downtown Sherwood where a street party was underway. There were 10 of us altogether; here is the largest group shot I got.
L-R Howard, Ray, Paula, Norm, Terry, Herb, Dianne, Jay
(Not shown: Carla, Mary Ann, Jay and Karen)

Afterward we went to our house for a Minestrone soup dinner, drinks, and games.

My team took an afternoon to celebrate our many accomplishments of the year.

Bernadette ready to roll hard!
Chelea and Terell sizing things up
Denny and Bernadette watching the others and waiting their turns
Fletch is decked out.
I”m ready to turn and burn. Oh, um the pins are the other direction?
Chelea celebrating while Denny and Bernadette take a more subdued approach
Terell, Chelea, Fletch, Bernadette, Howard, Denny. What a great team. I’m the luckiest manager at OHSU

 Andrew and Henriët came to town on Christmas day. We had a crab feed at the house on Tuesday night.

Sarah and Henriët. Two fantastic women.
The clan: Sara, Jeff, Carla, Andrew, Henriët

 Before heading out for New Year’s Eve celebration I got Henriët and Andrew for a picture in front of Henriët’s mother’s artwork.

Henriët and Andrew in front of Jeanette’s art.

On New Year’s we had a little dinner party for the 6 of us. Andrew and Henriët will be leaving in the morning. I was able to talk Andrew and Jeff into nice poses.

This has been the most memorable Christmas holiday in years. It is so nice to have these wonderful women in our sons’ lives.

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