The BURGER Project – Skyline Drive In

The Oregonian ranked Skyline Drive In as the 2nd best hamburger in the greater Portland area. The rankings can be found here. They ranked Dea’s In & Out 9th. We definitely found Skyline wanting and nowhere close to Dea’s. That damn liberal elite media is at it again (Tongue definitely in cheek)

The entrance for our 2nd BURGER project establishment
Getting ready to go in

“Am I making myself clear?”

The hamburger rated a 2 for us; that is 1 step above “Horrible”. We found the meat to be thin, dry, and small. The Ameican cheese wasn’t close to melted. The buns were not very fresh. Now the bacon was another story. The bacon was sublime and almost lifted the burger to a 3; almost I said. We only needed 2 napkins, compared to the 4 napkins at Deas.

Skyline Cheeseburger; add bacon. The bacon was sublime

The fries were warm, not hot and not as tasty as those at Deas. I had tots and I normally love tots. They were hot but a little mealy inside.

Digging In!
Tots! I love tots!

The shakes were good but made from soft serve ice cream. Jay had an extra thick and it lived up to its name. They were much smaller than Dea’s Funny thing; there is the price for the shake and you can pay for extra flavor or extra thick. They are saying in effect: “Here’s the price for a mediocre shake; if you want it to taste good and have some ice cream in it you have to pay an extra $1”

Jay’s extra-thick chocolate milk shake

The location is nice up in the west hills on Skyline drive. We got a booth with windows on two sides so we could take in the view.

Nice view from the window. It snowed a touch while we ate.

Service was okay. It’s nice that you sit down and they come and take your order. So the ambience was nice but the service was only so-so. They have lots of rules posted; I don’t like places where you have to follow the establishment’s rules to have a decent meal.

We rate Skyline Drive In as 2 stars (or 2 napkins). Living on its reputation not its quality.

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