Thanksgiving 2011 – Celebration

We had 21 people over. My nephew Christopher with his girlfriend Lauren; Carla; Glenn’s step-daugther Stella  Christopher and Stella Carla’s brother Glenn with Jeff (it’s very rare to get a picture of him) Carla’s sisters Linda and Starr John; father of our nieces Jessica and Megan Jim brought over a deep fried turkey; I’m practicing… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2011 – Celebration

Thanksgiving 2011 – Preparation

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. I took Wednesday off to prepare the turkey. Based on my experiment in September my cooking plan went like this Tuesday night: prepare the brine; cool overnight Wednesday morning: put turkey in brine Wednesday afternoon: prepare the drip pan gravy; make cornbread for stuffing; oil the new cutting… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2011 – Preparation