The BURGER Project – Killer Burger

Today we headed out to Killer Burger  at 4644 NE Sandy Blvd. The Oregonian did not include this eatery in its review of the 10 best burgers in town. Big oversight. This burger was fantastic

Howard, Jay, and John hanging ’round the street corner
As you can see from the photo below, the 3 of us brought the median age up quite a few years. It’s a tiny spot long and narrow. When people are seated at all the tables it’s tough to get through the crowd to place your order. There is a nice energy to the place. 
Long narrow space when you walk in

A fun thing is being able to see the grill and prep area when you order.

Cooking the burgers
Our burgers getting prepped and cooked

The timing seems to work out okay; once we got our order in, we found a place to sit. I’m pretty happy anticipating lunch.

Waiting with a smile on my face
With a smile like that on my face waiting; imagine the look on my face when this came out. Oh! That chees is belted perfectly on the patty; nice kaiser roll to hold all that meat and grease. The pickles were fantastic

Look how nice and crispy the edges are on that burger; but it’s not dry at all. 

Jay pauses for the photo before digging in

The lady over Jay’s right shoulder was pretty amused by us old guys taking pictures and comparing burgers so closely. She asked if we were from out of town. I said “Kind of; Beaverton”.

And notice; they server BEER! Jay had the Ninkais IPA which he really liked.

Jay ready to take a bite. Notice how we are all smiling!

Another look. Jay, John and I all ordered the same: Classic Burger; cheese burger with bacon.

John ready to dig in.

Ratings & Comments
 Note that the “Overall” rating column is not an average of the burger, side, drink, ambience, and service, It is a separate rating that pulls together all the personal intabigles.


Ambience & Atmosphere


I think Killer Burger is the best of the three places we’ve visited so far. We definitely recommend it

4 thoughts on “The BURGER Project – Killer Burger

  1. Hi Howard!

    The place I mentioned to you on Hawthorne appears to have closed. 🙁 You could try these places as well:
    Foster Burger (5339 S.E. Foster Road, 503-775-2077; open dinner only Thursday-Monday) – I've been here and it's pretty good – again on the dreaded east side, LOL

    5411 N.E. 30th Ave.
    Again on the east side but oh my word, the food is fantastic. I manage to get my husband in here every now and then. 🙂

    I will send you some more as I remember them. 🙂


  2. This is from Killer Burger. We love to read reviews and blogs. Somehow in all of our searches, this one got missed until now. Great read. I really enjoyed the photos and the comments.

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